Who Understands Home Values Better Than a Realtor?

A Realtor Who Is an Appraiser, That’s Who!

Now, let’s think for a minute about why that is…

1.     A Florida certified residential appraiser has had a minimum of 150 hours of valuation training as well as a mandatory 2 year internship under a supervisor.

2.      A residential appraisal office can manage upwards of 120 appraisals per month. That means that appraisers are analyzing sales trends on a daily basis.

3.       Because appraisers perform most of their appraisals for lending institutions, they have a heads up on lending guidelines, restrictions and common pit falls.  This can lead to easier navigation of the buying/selling process.

4.          A realtor who is also an appraiser can tell you whether or not the Lender’s appraisal for financing is supportive of its stated value, or not.

At Metropolis Real Estate Solutions, LLC, two of our 5 sales agents are Certified Residential Appraisers and the president of our company manages a team of 6 Certified Residential Appraisers who work side by side with our sales team.  We started out as a residential appraisal firm in Orlando, and expanded our service to provide fact based, experience driven sales services.


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We would love to visit with you any time and can answer any of your questions regarding buying, selling or valuation of real estate.  Having over 20 years experience in the Central Florida Real Estate Market, we never shy away from a challenge.





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