The Heart of a Home

This new listing of ours has been like a little present to unwrap.  With many layers and an evident tie to the 1950’s, this College Park home is full of romance and life.

The initial owners who moved into this home when it was new construction, back in 1954, were Harry and his wife Annie.

Harry was an accountant by trade and during his retirement he enjoyed the peace and diversity of gardening.  His particular passion was raising camellias and he bred them which cultivated a variety of species.  The names of some of his hybrids are still hanging in the green cupboards of the home.  Harry also enjoyed smoking his pipe and sitting on his chair outside the kitchen door which is now a large screened logia, and he would place artificial birds around the yard to attract other birds for his viewing.

Harry’s wife, Annie, was especially fond of clay pottery.  She would make her own with the kiln she kept in the garage and per the neighbors, she had the house decorated with her creations.  Along with her crafty and creative side, Annie loved to spend time at the water’s edge and watch the evolving Orlando skyline.

Ever the environmentalists, Harry and Annie were proud of their “modern” kitchen and believed that the cedar cabinets helped to repel bugs during a time when air conditioning was not yet a common occurrence. Volume ceilings and many windows made good use of the lakefront cross breezes which helped keep the home cool in the warmer months.

Harry and Annie’s entire family was raised in this house that provided a comfortable home in the heart of Orlando.  The property once went all the way into the lake until Harry just deeded it to the city so they could make the park.

Harry and Annie remained in the house even after the dramatic hurricane season in 2006 when the original slate roof was replaced with shingle. It was only their declining healths that lead them to move on to seek housing that would accommodate their changing needs. They returned to the home, on occasion, to visit with the new owners and check in on the garden they loved so dearly.

The current owners have gently updated the home, caring to preserve those features that enhance the original integrity (two-toned bathroom tile and all.) The house was covered in a shag carpet for most of its life, with lovely terrazzo and wood flooring resting beneath which has now been exposed. From the three-way marble fireplace to the terrazzo floors, the view across Lake Ivanhoe and the expansive and lush 1/3+ acre lot, this home is ready to welcome a couple of gallant professionals or a location driven family.

It’s time for someone new to write their own story.

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