The Best Things About Central Florida’s East Coast

There is a big difference between Florida’s West Coast, or Gulf Coast, and Florida’s laid back East Coast.  The West Coast is a little more formal, a little less laid back. South Florida is, well…you know.  While the Gulf waters are a lovely green, the East Coast waters range from a murky brown in the north, to glassy blue green in the South.  Living on the Florida East Coast isn’t for everyone, but if you do live here, you’ll know just what we are talking about in our top 5 Best Things About Living on Central Florida’s East Coast.

 5.     The East Coast Attractions

Kennedy Space Center is both a tourist and local favorite attraction.  It offers tours and exhibits and a rocket launch is always a favorite event for everyone.  Brevard Zoo has undergone an extensive renovation in recent years and has captivating exhibits to include the elevated giraffe viewing decks and the new meerkat hamlet.  There are fishing and kayak tours, including the night time bioluminescent tour and one cannot forget the beautiful stretches of natural beaches.

4.     Dive Bars and Restaurants25474541_s

All up and down the East Coast, you’ll find very few big chain restaurants, most of them located inland.  The coast itself is dotted with wonderful, indie bars and restaurants, many with sandy floors and salty dogs.  The seafood is always fresh and the atmosphere just can’t be beat.

3.     The Waves

The Gulf is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t surf in the Gulf.  Central Florida’s East Coast has turned out some of the greatest surfers of all time.  Ever heard of Kelly Slater?

 2.     The East Coast is Cheap

Right now, Brevard County homes are less expensive than comparable homes in the center of the state, in Orlando.  You can purchase an oceanfront 2 bedroom/2 bath condo for less than $200,000.  But everything seems less expensive.  The groceries, the gas, the overall cost of living is lower and trust me…the quality of life is very much enhanced.

1.    The People

There is a such an amazing quality about the sweet people of Central Florida’s East Coast.  If they have money, you probably don’t know it.  People are active, but relaxed.  Whether native or transplants, they seem accommodating and cool, kind and sincere.  With a “snow bird season” in the cooler months, you can find zesty retirees performing water aerobics, attending movie nights and taking gambling cruises.  In the warmer seasons, there’s an easy “no worries” offering by most surfers and engineers alike.  Central Florida’s East Coast is more like a string of small towns with a vibrant and easy energy unlike the bustle of South Florida or the more polished, buttoned up West Coast.

Being only an hour from most Orlando locations, the barrier islands of the Central East Coast offer entertainment, beautiful beaches, Kennedy Space Center, and the not to be missed Brevard Zoo.  Friendly locals and a low cost of living make this area a Florida gem.

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