The Best Neighborhoods for Families in Central Orlando


What does a family really need in a great neighborhood?

Every family is certainly different, but I think we can all agree that easy access to family friendly activities is key.  Each of the neighborhoods listed below have ample options.  With parks, restaurants, playgrounds, walking trails, good schools and other kids galore, it’s easy to see why these areas are in such high demand.

5.    Conway

This area has been built up around the Conway Chain of Lakes over the past 60 years and boasts good schools, and both public and private neighborhood lake access.  Not the most walkable area, but here you’ll find slightly larger site sizes and some good parks, including Barber Park at Lake George.

4.     Wadeview Park

With great schools and the actual Wadeview Park close by, this area is lovely for suburban-ites who don’t mind slightly smaller living quarters and mid-century homes.  The shops and restaurants at SoDo are nearby and no one can resist Mediterranean Blue.

3.     Audubon Park

Audubon Park has a lovely tree canopy with several small greenspace or park areas throughout.  It is buffered from any major highways by easily traveled smaller arteries like Bumby Ave. and Corrine Dr.  More and more wonderful shopping and dining options are becoming available, with the popular East End Market becoming the trendsetter in Orlando for promoting quality crafted, locally grown foods and beverages.

2.     Baldwin Park

While I am generally not a fan of the big master planned community, this one was very well thought out.  It is completely self contained, if you like that sort of thing, but is also in very close proximity to some bustling new areas of activity.  It is close to both the aforementioned Audubon Park dining and shopping area, as well as the booming Mills/50 district, but also has much to boast within it’s own confines.  Parents can dine on open patios while children play on the shores of Lake Baldwin, nearby.  With loads of restaurants, miles of walking and biking trails, park upon park upon park, and excellent schools, this neighborhood has attracted many a family.

1.     Delaney Park    

Delaney Park has what every other newer Orlando neighborhood has struggled to recreate.  The area boasts beautiful brick streets, several parks to include Delaney Park, Cherokee Park and Lake Davis, as well as a broad range of post war architecture styles.  Given it’s very close proximity to downtown Orlando, many professionals have selected this area to settle down and raise their brood in a friendly “front porch neighborhood”.  There are many restaurants within walking and biking distance and again, it seems insulated from the more heavily traveled thoroughfares.  Dog friendly, kid friendly, bar-b-que and cocktail friendly, Delaney Park is surely at the top of our list.

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