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What makes someone a true “expert” in real estate? 

Each and every industry has a different expectation of what is considered to be a superior level of professionalism.  Those in medical and legal fields, educators and law enforcement, all seek rigorous education, perform hours of field training, and are heavily regulated by employers and government agencies.  You may not know that Real Estate Appraisers are also required to maintain a higher level of education, work under a supervisor for two years of field training, and are heavily regulated by state and federal entities.  Realtors are minimally regulated and the education requirements for licensure can be wrapped up in a matter of weeks.

Many of the realtors in our office are also appraisers, including our Broker.  And…we all work side by side.  We are proud of our panel of educated, tried and tested EXPERTS and are confident that you will see the difference when you chose to work with Metropolis Real Estate Solutions, LLC.


The Metropolis Perfectly Executed Marketing Plan:

  • An attractive boutique agency sign in your yard upon listing.
  • An electronic lock box will be installed to monitor and report all showing activity and enhance follow up opportunities with showing agents. Only licensed agents have access to this electronic “key” and their identity is closely monitored.
  • Each listing will receive it’s own website and domain name to draw traffic and maximize search optimization.
  • A Professional Photographer will visit each listing to prepare the most polished presentation possible.
  • Sellers Choice: An information box with colored flyers will be installed onsite OR should the seller wish to minimize the paper output we can place a QR Code leading to your custom website directly on the yard sign.
  • Listings will be placed in the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, the areas largest with the most comprehensive coverage.
  • Listings and Custom Website will be shared on Social Media platforms in front of both a broad audience as well as in audiences that may be locationally or interest specific.
  • An Open House will be held during the first month of the listing as a measure to promote the listing to it’s neighborhood.
  • A monthly marketing report will be performed and provided which will not only keep you apprised of all showing activity and feedback but will also contain an updated summary of the market conditions for your area.


17775640_blogSELLERS can rest assured that they will be given the highest level of service available from a local boutique agency in addition to the compelling benefit of our global presence. Our technology allows us to be a click away from any buyer searching for your home and our vast knowledge of the local market allows us to continuously achieve higher offers within a reasonable marketing time.  Our listings are expertly marketed, reaching qualified buyers in all corners of the world.

We have developed a ‘cracker-jack’ team of resourceful contractors and associates who can assist with making home repairs, staging your home and who can help you to market the most positive aspects of your home to the next potential buyer.

Because we are not part of a large national franchise, there are no hidden fees to either the seller or the buyer. Our agents receive their entire commission with no deductions for use of a trademark or mandatory brand specific marketing courses.  In return, this motivates our agents to perform for you and you alone.  Our Broker/Owner is on site and involved in each transaction.  This guarantees that every transaction is backed directly by the person within our company who has the authority to make the decisions necessary to keep all deals on track.


We guarantee:

  • Local Market Expertise with Appraisal Veterans on Staff
  • An Established and Successful Brand Recognition
  • Access to our Full Team of Professionals and a Concierge Level of Service
  • Quality, Creative Marketing Materials
  • Our Simple to Use Website with Search Tools and Attractive Highlight Features
  • Well Optimized Internet Presence with both Organic and Paid Lead Generation
  • A Comprehensive Online Listing Distribution Strategy Featuring Websites such as,,, as well as Access to E-Mail Blast Software Reaching Upwards of 5000 Accounts per Distribution
  • Full Access to Our Library of Professionally Written Industry Related Articles
  • A strong commitment to giving back to our local community


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Cert Res RD 4142

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