Mid-Century Modern in the N.E.

Mid Century Modern in Boston

A recent trip to Boston afforded me the opportunity to check out what MCM means in another area of the country.

Let me first say, I was astounded by how beautiful and hilly the suburbs of Boston are.  In this particular area, Malden, there is tons of green space, water and breathtaking city views from some of it’s higher points.  This little suburb is just a 10-15 minute drive outside of the bigger city and is still located on the last of the stops on the Orange Line, so public transportation makes for a quick and inexpensive option if you are not in the mood to drive yourself.

My  hostess on this trip, who shares my passion for all things Mid-Century,  took me directly from the airport to a block near her home that was a jewel box of MCM finds.  These sweet homes were nestled among many of the saltbox, colonial and federal style homes that had developed over the prior 100 years, and they stood out like the cool kids on the block.  All of these styles are simple in design, but what sets them apart is a flair that cannot be denied.  There is a sophistication and style that was perfected in the 50’s and 60’s, one that I have been chasing since my parents introduced me to it 20 years ago.

All of these homes featured below were all located on the same block…

The first is a Blue Beauty that is unassuming at first in it’s ranch like position on the front lawn, but Oh!, when you pass the front and look back at the side…

Mid Century Modern Boston Mid Century Modern Boston



That window over the garage is the living room which looks out over the side yard.  You can see how the house really opens up toward the back and I like the high, lengthwise windows that run across the front of the house too.


Mid Century Modern Architecture Mid Century Architecture Boston











This next house is the house directly next door.  It is very simple, but that’s what I love about it.  I like the roofline on this one as well as all the glass around the front door/entry area.

IMG_0248[1] IMG_0242[1]









This house was located across the street from the first two, look at that lattice work.  I’d probably use some different colors and do something about the gutters on the front of the house, but otherwise, it’s pretty cool.

Now, these next two are so cool.  They appeal to my aesthetic:

I love the color combos on the first, and the wood siding that adds horizontal interest to what is basically just a box.  I’m thinking of adding this to my brick ranch to give it a little bit of an architectural appeal.

IMG_0236[1] IMG_0238[1] IMG_0237[1]









This one is really a stand out given it’s vibrant color, but take note of the balcony over the parking area and the bridge that connects the two main components of the house.

IMG_0252[1] IMG_0254[1] IMG_0256[1]









Having the greatest hostess in the world sure didn’t hurt the chances of a swift return, but next time, maybe I’ll try to reach out to these homeowners and schedule a tour of the interiors so I’m not just a weirdo walking around with my iPad and a drool cup.




















































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