If you have ever wondered…

why did the appraiser use that comp?” or  “how did the appraiser come up with that adjustment?” or even just wished that the appraiser was from the area and not from the next town over, you can find answers and education at our new online educational resource, Appraisal Basics.

This online resource was created in an effort to promote transparency and improve communication between Sales Agents and Appraisers. While the professional team at Metropolis RES strives to hold as many local, live education opportunities as possible, this online resource provides free tools, downloads, video tutorials as well as links to webinars and comprehensive and affordable courses should you not be able to attend one of our live sessions.

A large portion of our appraisal practice is rooted in supporting area agents who either don’t understand how to read a complex and evolving market, or who just want to sharpen their pricing and marketing skills. Often times Metropolis performs appraisals for area agents who need to list new properties and are having trouble reading the market. Sometimes the agents need assistance negotiating contracts or understanding the feasibility of proposed improvements or how a negative feature might impact marketability. While we love this portion of our practice and don’t want to put ourselves out of business, we wanted to find a way to reach realtors ALL OVER THE COUNTRY  by way of providing remote consultation sessions or educational downloads.

These programs are largely geared toward other agents, but would be helpful for all players within the real estate market. Investors, homeowners, attorneys are all welcome!

Reach out to us if you have any questions and check out our educational website here:




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