May is National Foster Care Month

One of the benefits to having lived in Central Florida for my whole life is that I still have the blessing of being friends with my childhood friends. My best buddies in High School are still some of my favorite regular partners in crime and we all still live in the Central Orlando area. One such friend happens to be my BFF, Sister By Another Mister, “st ends” to my “Be Fri”, who has worked for Devereux of Florida for over 20 years. It is through her experience as a tech to the residential facility, her work as a social worker for the foster care program and her eventual management of multiple outreach and service programs that Devereux of Florida has become very close to my heart.

With May being Foster Care Awareness month, I feel challenged to find a way to support the foster care system as without this system, millions of children would be left homeless and without resources to treat a myriad of issues. Devereux of Florida has multiple Foster Care programs and services including traditional foster care, therapeutic foster care and foster care for individuals suffering from sexual abuse. These are services that not all organizations are able to offer and which Devereux works tirelessly to provide.


 Here are 5 ways that we can all help Devereux continue to support the children and families in our Orlando communities:

  1. Become a Foster Parent – We are currently looking for individuals to provide specialized foster family treatment for children in need. Become a foster parent or encourage others to do so. Call 407-473-0222 or email us at for more information.
  2. Help Spread the Word – Please help us recruit specialized foster parents. Talk to your friends, neighbors, church or community organizations and encourage them to get involved. Devereux specializes in treatment foster care. We are particularly in need of foster parents for our DELTA program – which serves survivors of sexual exploitation, our specialized therapeutic foster care program and our Family Care Program – which specializes in caring for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Please have them call 407-473-0222 or email us at for more information.
  3. Help Support Our Kids –Your tax deductible contribution can provide so much for a foster child who has been given so little in life. Donating online is simple, quick and secure. You can make a onetime gift or setup reoccurring gifts. Click here to make an online donation.
  4. Thank A Foster Parent – Many of those we serve are in need of a temporary, safe and nurturing home and our foster parents play an essential role in providing this level of care. Our foster parents are an integral part of our core mission. This month, please help us in recognizing our foster parents for everything they do to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Please visit our Devereux Florida Facebook page and leave a “Thank You” message for our Foster Parents – a note of thanks goes a long way!
  5. Join Us – Join Friends of Devereux, a group of individuals from our community with a shared passion for helping others. This group stays involved with Devereux on an ongoing basis to help those we serve. For more information, please email us at

In the coming months, it is my hope that we can develop a more regular working relationship with Devereux and that as a company, Metropolis Real Estate Solutions, LLC can work toward using our relationships to further our fundraising efforts. Being an established residential appraisal and real estate sales company in Orlando, our appreciation of safe and secure housing for all of our residents is a goal that we are always happy to promote and work toward.

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