Kelley Kirkland, Team Manager


With over 20 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, Kelley has worked in a variety of settings. Kelley got her appraisal license in 2002 and worked for a few different appraisal companies before going out and opening up her own appraisal shop. While she has since gone back to school and left the appraisal profession, Kelley has been part of the Metropolis team in some facet or another for over 6 years. With experience in insurance as well as training as a paralegal, Kelley’s most recent endeavor is a key component of the Metropolis sales team. The one thing that remains consistent is her passion for working with others. 

The 2nd of 7 children, Kelley has enjoyed being a part of a “team” for as long as she can remember. Having a blended family of her own, together with her husband, has resulted in 5 children who are at various stages of leaving the nest. Her title as “Team Manager” here at Metropolis is a natural fit for someone who is used to working with a group of people to keep things organized and on track. Organization and open communication come naturally to Kelley and help keep Metropolis efficient and productive.

With a passion for education, Kelley homeschools her 2 youngest children, while she also continues to pursue her own education. When she’s not managing our team or homeschooling her kiddos, she loves to go to the beach, go to early morning gym classes, and dreams of retiring to Venice Beach where she and her husband will spend way too much time soaking up sun and finding seashells. 

Adam Judd

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Cert Res RD 4142

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