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Welcome back to our regular neighborhood update post where we give you an insiders look into the market trends in YOUR neighborhood.

After reading this article today, The most affluent people in C. Fla., and throughout the U.S., love the suburbs, I thought it might be a good time to look into the trends of the illustrious Baldwin Park neighborhood trends.

I have to be honest here, the premeditated and planned communities like Baldwin Park and Celebration are not really my personal thing, but they are not without their merits. I’ve never been shy about my love for MCM design and anything (everything) 60’s. I grew up in the adjacent neighborhood of Audubon Park and have a very strong attachment to it, however the homes are on the smaller side and may be more fitting for professionals and hipsters rather than the larger families that have become so common.

Baldwin Park was WELL planned. At any given time you can drive through and see walkers, joggers, skaters and dogs, dogs, dogs with kids, kids, kids! Outdoor space is abundant and the multiple lakes keep the scenery appealing. There is a myriad of playgrounds and parks and most importantly for buyers-all the community resources you need in one small area.  You don’t have to leave your neighborhood and fight traffic to get your kids to and from school, to their after school activities, to grocery shop or run to the drug store for your Daytime/Nightime cold remedy.

The most exciting thing, for this foodie, is that the area has attracted some top notch eateries. The happy hour at Seito is not to be missed and you can dine al fresco while the kids play along the shore at Colibri Mexican Cuisine. Want to watch a game, head over to Gators Dockside or you can chose to  dine at an English inspired restaurant, The Osprey Tavern.

The neighborhood’s proximity to area employment is certainly a HUGE plus, cutting commute times down for many area professionals. All in all, I’d categorize this neighborhood as “Maximally Convenient” and that is nothing to sneeze at.

Here are the most current statistics for Baldwin Park:

There were a total of 210 sales in the past 12 months with the median sales prices increasing.  The prior 7-12 months reflect a median sales price of $390,225, the prior 4-6 months reflects improvement with a median sales price of $382,500, and the most current 90 days reflects a continued increase with a median sales price of $422,500. Median list prices have been a little “wonky” over the year, however so too has the inventory with a median comparable sales days on market being between 52 days and 70 days.  The current list/sales price ratio is 97%.

These statistics include all property types, so in a Zillow type fashion, it accounts for townhomes as well as detached single family homes and estate homes. I would recommend that if you have specific questions regarding your particular home, that you call a valuation professional (I know a REALLY good one) and you should certainly avoid the pitfalls of a price per square foot analysis-see my previous blog post about that mess here.

As a lifetime resident of Orlando, I’ve watched Baldwin Park be developed from the old Navy Base that it once was, to a new construction neighborhood, to what it is today which is an established family hub. And certainly I would recommend that it’s inhabitants NOT stay within its tight neighborhood boundaries and that they, instead, travel to the adjacent Audubon Park support region along Corrine Dr. or even further explore close by Park Ave.  Whatever your affinity,  Baldwin Park will likely have a strong appeal!

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