Heroes and Hot Rods

You may or may not have seen Metropolis Mustang out and about in Orlando, or even be aware that there is a Metropolis Mustang.  I can assure you, Adam is happy to use his baby to promote Metropolis Real Estate Solutions at any given opportunity.  Adam purchased the car many years ago, a 1966 convertible, and after years of letting it sit in the carport, got it restored in 2010.  Today we put her to really good use at the Heroes and Hot Rods event held at Kings Bowl on I-Drive.


This event was hosted by Muscle & Classic Car Network of Central Florida with all proceeds being donated to the Wounded Warriors project.  Kings Bowl was offering discounts on bowling inside and the entire event was family friendly, fun and in keeping with the spirit of the holiday.


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While we rarely make the trek over to the tourist-y area of International Drive, I was really glad that we got to experience Kings Bowl today.  Adam had been before and told me that it was cool, but I just wasn’t sold on another “Mega-Bowl” money pit.  Of all the big lanes in town that cater to tourists, this one is, by far, my favorite.  Looking at the pics, I’m sure you can see why.  !cid_1178FF4E-D607-49C3-A601-9D3DA92B8065

The Mid-Century motif is fun and flirty without being too literal (see The Dude inset), and the layout gave room to accommodate many smaller groups, rather than cramming everyone in on top of one another.  There were multi tiers of different bars, including large booth tables with beer taps installed directly into the table, and the food was quite good with a huge variety that didn’t restrict one to pizza, onion rings and burgers.

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All in all, we had a great time and are thankful for both our veterans and our great city, for providing the ability to take part in such a great event!!!















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