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What does 2014 look like for you?  Having had such a fabulous 2013, I am hard pressed to find anything  I’d like to change.  I’m not one to make Real Estate Expert Megan Johnson Juddresolutions, but the new year does give me pause to think about all of the fresh starts we each have, every day.

One of my personal and professional goals this year, is to do just this.  It is my hope that by keeping a written log of my thoughts and experiences, by sharing my professional insight and offering a glimpse of the trends I see shifting daily, that I may be able to aid someone in making a positive, beneficial financial decision.

For most of us, the investment we make in our homes, is our largest of a lifetime.  For many, this investment has proven to be more burdensome than rewarding.  It is true, that the appraisal industry, the real estate sales industry and the mortgage lending industry all played a part in what became one of the most influential economic events in our country’s history.  I feel strongly that it was the lack of governance around these industries, an absent system of checks and balances, that ultimately led to a disastrous outcome for the American people.  I also am confident that changes are being made to try prevent such a break down from happening again.  Only time will tell if these efforts are worthwhile.

At the very least, home ownership can be very stressful.  Buying a home has been touted as one of life’s most stressful events. I know that during my own attempts to modify my mortgage in 2008, there were many nights spent sleepless or at best, sleeping on a couch.  At Metropolis Real Estate Solutions, we approach our clients in the same manner we approach child rearing, personal relationships, and community service; with an honesty and vulnerability that is intended to cast insight.  If by our experiences, good or hideously painful, someone else is able to glean some wisdom, then our trials have purpose.

Let us also not forget that our home is just one aspect of our lifestyle.  Living in Central Florida provides the opportunity to partake in amazing, cutting-edge dining and entertainment abounds.  Our outdoor lives in Orlando are full to the brim with surf, sand, mouse ears and thrills in our back yards.  As a second generation native, I like to think I’ve got my finger on the button of all the cool stuff.  Lucky for you, I like to talk about it!

I’ve been appraising for longer than I’d like to admit.  I’ve spent half of my life as an appraiser (not to be confused with having only had 1 job-of those there have been countless), and half of that time educating myself and honing my craft.  I am now a court appointed expert and have risen from the ashes of our economic devastation only to have a very successful full service real estate firm with the majority of our clients being private entities, led to us by personal referral.

We encourage you to check back for discussions about how recent changes are being put in place to restore the security and checks and balance systems that once insured our primary and secondary mortgage markets.  We’ll update you on national and global economic trends, mortgage and lending requirements and, of course, valuation and sales trends.  As our family lives an active life here in Central Florida, we hope you will share with us these experiences that make living here a decision you relish. We invite you to rub shoulders with our panel of experts and learn just enough to be dangerous, or as we’d like to see you-wildly successful in achieving your real estate goals.



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