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Vacation time is pretty much over.  It’s time to get the kids ready for school and integrate those amazing personalities, the ones you discovered while sharing more of their time than you imagined you would, back into a more structured reality.  Only in reflection do you realize how magical and fleeting those moments really are.

This past week, we spent time at a Central Florida family’s vacation home on the Peace River in Hardee County.  It is very different from our own family vacation home on Florida’s East Coast in Brevard County, but it was every bit quintessential Florida.

Whether kayaking, canoeing, or tubing down the Peace River, shooting skeet at the on-property gun range, or 4-wheeling it over Florida land that has seen little change since Seminole tribes hunted this area, there seems an endless number of activities that emphasize the “re-create” in “recreation”.  But it is in the Family Lodge that you see evidence of a more important activity, that of generations of family gatherings and celebrations captured in photos or trophies on the wall, or in the guest book recordings of happy family moments spent away from the hustle and bustle of our modern existence.

Here are some of our photos from this getaway:

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If only there was a way to have access to that family magic throughout the year…

What if you had your OWN vacation home?

(C’mon this is a blog about real estate. What did you expect?)

But really, if your investment is planned around family interests, and is relatively easy to reach by car (with income producing possibilities to boot), then why not? What’s stopping you? Why not find a place where the destination is the home of great family gatherings, memories and personal discovery, a place that can feel more like home than your actual home?

The great thing about living in the center of such an amazing state is how much diversity is offered to the vacation home buyer within 2 hours of your working home.

Take Cedar Key, for example.  An artists’ enclave with a strong environmental commitment to preservation, it offers much of the wilderness and natural beauty of the rustic Hardee County  Peace River Ranch but is located just 2 hours northwest of Orlando in the Gulf of Mexico.  This is an area where everything from deep sea fishing to scalloping close to shore, or trout fishing in your back yard is available.  And, maybe more importantly, offers an opportunity for you to write your family’s story in your very own gathering place.


If a property this magical interests you, check out this listing and call us today for your own private showing and tour of this quaint and off the beaten path slice of heaven.


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