Does “0” Commute Time Exist?

It does.  And how do I know?  I’m living it.

We converted our formal dining room into a home office upon moving in.  Not once, in two years, have I needed that dining room.

Home office

We were lucky enough to have an eat in kitchen as well as a large covered porch in the pool area, where we actually eat most of our meals.  In Central Florida, we value our outdoor time and take every opportunity to turn our porches into an extension of our interiors.

To ensure that the office didn’t bleed into the living area or vice versa, we had to make some minor modifications:

-We put our formal dining table in the living room and using furniture placement, split that room into two smaller spaces.

-We hung IKEA curtain panels between the living and dining room so that there wasn’t a sightline from the front door straight to my laptop screen.

-Included an abundance of closed/covered storage space to hide away excess paperwork, files, office supplies, etc.

-Outfitted the room with lighting, furniture and accessories that would serve the required purposes for my office all the while contributing to the decorative appeal of my home.  I’ve blogged before about great trends in home finishes.

The biggest pitfalls to this setup are keeping the kids out (we have a rule that if the curtain is closed-there is to be no disruption), and forcing myself to get dressed by the time the kids get home from school.  Most mornings, I slip on my robe, pour myself a cup of the coffee that my early riser-husband has made for me, and I sit down to begin a day of appraisal report writing, appraisal review, preparing for court testimony and marketing.  All this is done from within the patch of sunlight that streams in from my dining room window into my beautiful home office.  There’s no traffic to deal with, co-workers to chat with, no clothes to iron (unless it’s a court or inspection day) and no one but a cat and a dog to share my personal space with.

I miss neither the old rent payment on the office space that I once shared with my staff (all of whom also work from their own home offices) nor the formal dining room that would likely only be used once each year had I maintained it’s intended use.

When shopping for your next home, I encourage you to look beyond paint color, floor surfaces, and yes-room configurations, to maximize the benefits and livability of your new home.



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