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Audubon Park Garden District is NOT for Sale…

…but you sure can buy some cute and move in ready homes in one of Orlando’s hottest neighborhoods. We have long touted the benefits of this location, partially because one of the owners of Metropolis grew up in this centrally located subdivision (and shoves it down our throats), but also because it boasts one of […]


How Adding Solar Panels Will Affect My Appraisal.

There are a host of factors to consider when tasked with solar photovoltaic (PV) system valuation. First, the type of financing used to install the system plays a roll. Is it a lease, power purchase agreement, solar loan, pace loan (which may nullify the ability to finance the home on the secondary market as they […]


Market Update- 32806 February 2019

  What has been going on in 32806? As one of Orlando’s hottest zipcodes, this region shows no signs of slowing down. At Metropolis RES, we have to analyze market conditions for each and every house we list, for each offer we submit, and for every appraisal report we prepare. It’s become one of our […]

  • David Herring
    David B. Herring is a native of Central Kentucky where he began his career in real estate appraisal. David attended St. Catherine College in Springfield, KY and later graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY. In 1998, David took a position at an appraisal firm in his hometown of Harrodsburg, KY. David has extensive experience in valuing residential, commercial, and agricultural properties primarily in Central and Southcentral Kentucky, but valued properties statewide. Completed assignments were for both mortgage lending and litigation purposes. In 2003, David formed Central Bluegrass Appraisal Service—the predecessor to Herring Consulting Co.—with the primary focus of the firm being residential and commercial mortgage appraisals across central Kentucky. In 2012, David received his SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute. In 2013, David relocated with his family to central Florida and increased the firm’s focus on litigation support and review work while gaining the AI-RRS review designation from the Appraisal Institute. In early 2016, David completed the requirements and gained the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute followed by the AI-GRS in the summer of 2016. Since arriving in Central Florida, David has received his real estate sales license and is fully immersed, in all things real estate, as one of the areas most educated experts. David is married to Shannon and they have two daughters; Emma and Claire. They all reside in historic downtown Winter Garden, Florida. He is an active volunteer with the East Florida Chapter and Region X of the Appraisal Institute.
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Understanding the Intended Use and Intended User of an Appraisal Report

While the intention of an appraisal report is to clearly and concisely outline the support for an estimate of fair market value, very few appraisal reports are actually easy to read and understand.  This is usually because an appraisal report is written to meet the very specific needs of a particular Intended User for a […]


What Is the Appraiser Looking For When Performing the Inspection?

There is a lot of anxiety generated when you know that the appraiser is coming. Often times, we are scheduled in the early part of the week when the homeowners have had the weekend to “spruce” things up. Sometimes we are even asked, “what can I do to improve the value?” Ultimately, the market dictates […]


What Constitutes Living Area?

I am often asked to clarify this by both homeowners and sales agents alike. Understanding what is and isn’t living area can be key in determining the fair market value of a property and should be especially accurate if an agent is using the oversimplified “price per square foot” method of estimating value.    


You Got the Chops?

  I am often asked if we are training appraisers. While we have done it in the past, we are not currently. As a result of the market crash in the late 2000’s, restrictions have been placed and per Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, a Registered Trainee Appraiser must work under DIRECT supervision of their supervisor […]


The Psychology of Real Estate

What makes a house “sellable” or “unsellable” ? What makes some buyers swoon and makes others turn and run? We’ll tell you, and it may not be what you think. We’ve all heard the phrase “location, location, location” and to a large degree, it is location that is the prime factor in how buyers make decisions. […]


It’s Neighborhood Update Time!!!-Baldwin Park

Welcome back to our regular neighborhood update post where we give you an insiders look into the market trends in YOUR neighborhood. After reading this article today, The most affluent people in C. Fla., and throughout the U.S., love the suburbs, I thought it might be a good time to look into the trends of the illustrious […]


Florida Room

Vacation time is pretty much over.  It’s time to get the kids ready for school and integrate those amazing personalities, the ones you discovered while sharing more of their time than you imagined you would, back into a more structured reality.  Only in reflection do you realize how magical and fleeting those moments really are. […]


It’s Neighborhood Update Time!!!-College Park

  We found this incredible property for sale as a foreclosure last week and a few of us had to run over and take a look at it. It is located in the Palomar section of College Park, which in itself, proved to be a great walking neighborhood with no shortage of stunning architecture. I […]

  • Mike Johnson
    As a lifelong resident of Orlando and a house-o-phile, my career in Real Estate has beautifully enhanced my drive professionally and personally. I love to discuss the finer, more subtle attributes of Central Florida and the Orlando lifestyle. If you have a question or a need relative to how to improve your Florida living experience, feel free to make use of my extensive knowledge and experience bank.
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It’s Neighborhood Update Time!!!-Downtown Orlando

  Recently, my friends were sharing Facebook posts boasting that 32801 was the most searched zip code in country (according to one of the big national real estate websites).  I personally think that’s super cool but I do question the validity of the data.  If we were to suppose that those figures were correct, let’s think […]


It’s Neighborhood Update Time!!!-Conway

In this edition of “Neighborhood Update”, I’m going to give some insight into what is happening in my own neighborhood of Conway. Conway is a really cool community in very close proximity to both the Orlando International Airport and Downtown Orlando.  The availability of highways and toll roads provides ease of access to almost anywhere […]


Market Watch-July 20, 2014

I just found this graph on our Mid Florida Regional MLS home page…   These numbers hardly seem to indicate a suffering market.  In the past WEEK, we have seen 3,519 new listings!  That is astounding!  What is equally compelling is that almost that same amount, 3,182 homes were contracted and had status changes to “pending”.  Now, this by no means […]


Eye Candy

Here are the top 3 most expensive listings in Orange County as of 7/4/2014. 9000 Hubbard Place, Orlando, FL 32819 MLS O5119463 This is the last large parcel on the Butler Chain of Lakes. With it’s western exposure and sandy beaches, this amazing land offers the ultimate in lakefront living. Nestled within the gated community […]


Summertime. The Living is Easy?

Guest Blogger-Mike Johnson Well it’s moving time again, that’s right- Summer is on the way and we are starting our annual migration.  Kids are finishing school and Mom (or Dad) has an established beach mindset or maybe even a new job in another city.  Quick …who’s your Realtor?  It had better be someone who understands the market and the […]


Answers to Homeowners’ Questions About Appraisals Used in Lending

Most of the time the public comes into contact with an appraisal, it is because they are seeking financing, either for a purchase or a refinance.  What most Homeowners do not know, is that the Appraiser’s client is the lending institution and not the Homeowner.  Further, Appraisers are bound by confidentiality laws, see the Gramm- […]

  • Megan Johnson Judd
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Do Investors Need Realtors?

Emanuel Rivero from the Conway area asks-“If you’re an investor looking to purchase a home at auction, how would a realtor help you flip the house for rental or sales income?” A sales agent can you help you at every stage of the process. -Even prior to purchasing a home for a “flip”, an agent can help you […]


Who Understands Home Values Better Than a Realtor?

A Realtor Who Is an Appraiser, That’s Who! Now, let’s think for a minute about why that is… 1.     A Florida certified residential appraiser has had a minimum of 150 hours of valuation training as well as a mandatory 2 year internship under a supervisor. 2.      A residential appraisal office can manage upwards of 120 appraisals per month. That means that appraisers are […]


Mortgage News

Today, we have a guest blogger, Amanda Benson, with Angel Oak Funding, LLC in Winter Park, FL.  Given Amanda’s expertise in the mortgage market, we are deferring to her for experienced, tested, and newsworthy updates in the mortgage industry. Good day! Today, I wanted to update you on the new changes regarding QM, or Qualified […]


New Consumer Protection Laws Effective January 18, 2014

The loss of trust and investment safety experienced by our American consumers with regard to mortgage mishaps, has not been taken lightly.  The relatively new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) oversees new changes that have been instituted as a portion of the Dodd-Frank Laws. Under the Jan. 18 rule, a lender: • has three days after a […]


Why Won’t the Bank Work with Me???

So who are the GSEs and how do they affect me? First, GSE stands for Government Sponsored Enterprise. Out government has been using GSEs since 1916 in an effort to provide a buffer to minimize investment risk resulting in more accessible loans and flowing credit opportunities for the American people. The two big dawgs are […]


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