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5 Ways to Add a Little MCM Jingle to Your Holiday Decor

  I like the Classics: a good martini, Carrara marble table top, a little Bosanova and you’ve likely all seen the Metropolis Airstream out at local Orlando events. I’m nothing if not consistent, so at the holidays I like a tinsel tree and bright, jewel toned lights and accessories. After a few decades, I’ve assembled […]


How to Undo Someone Else’s Redo

Congratulations, you have purchased your new-to-you, mid-century modern, home!  But there’s a problem. Over the course of the past 50 years, people have fiddled with, and “updated” some elements of the home and you, in all of your infinite design wisdom, cannot stand these abominations that were touted in the listing as being “new” and […]


4 Tips to Decorating Your Mid Century Modern Space on a Budget

We have had some really big events and opportunities over at Metropolis Real Estate Solutions lately. We are beyond excited to have opened our brick and mortar office at 610 Bumby Ave., Orlando, FL 32803. The location is absolutely ideal for us! It is located on the borders of some of our favorite mid century neighborhoods: Audubon Park, Colonial Town, the […]


It’s All About the Get

I thank the gods of reproduction every day that my kids are dorks. In a rare moment not spent in front of a computer or gaming system, my husband took them to an outdoor sporting shop and snapped this pic of them several years ago. Here, they are pretending to be bad asses but they are […]


Bringing Modern Back to Mid-Century Pt-4: The Big REVEAL

We are so proud of this project and have actually had a few showings before even being able to list it as the interest has been high. Noteworthy updates include a dramatic addition of new and expanded storage space, updated plumbing and electrical components, a remodeled kitchen and bathrooms to include converting the original half bath […]


The Heart of a Home

This new listing of ours has been like a little present to unwrap.  With many layers and an evident tie to the 1950’s, this College Park home is full of romance and life. The initial owners who moved into this home when it was new construction, back in 1954, were Harry and his wife Annie. Harry […]


Bringing Modern Back to Mid-Century Pt-4

This may be my last post until we are ready for the final reveal.  There’s not much left to do and I think the coming week or two will fly by in a flash.  I am still in complete awe of how quickly everyone has worked and what an amazing job these skilled craftsmen are […]

  • Mike Johnson
    As a lifelong resident of Orlando and a house-o-phile, my career in Real Estate has beautifully enhanced my drive professionally and personally. I love to discuss the finer, more subtle attributes of Central Florida and the Orlando lifestyle. If you have a question or a need relative to how to improve your Florida living experience, feel free to make use of my extensive knowledge and experience bank.
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Bringing Modern Back to Mid-Century Pt-3

  So much has happened since the last blog entry. Most of it is good, some of it… not so much. First, we interviewed two contractors to help us get the renovations underway. I was very impressed with the first guy; he had remodeled a friends house and done a wonderful job. He seemed eager […]


Bringing Modern Back to Mid-Century, Pt-2

  We closed today!!!! This little, well…cutie, is ours.  The really good news is, this house has all the necessary requirements to be a great MCM icon.  The not so good news is that it needs more work than I’d anticipated. The tenants left quite a mess, but the seller made sure it was all […]


Bringing Modern Back to Mid Century

  I think it’s safe to tell our secret.  I’ve been holding it in for a few weeks now, to make sure it was gonna stick, but things are looking pretty positive around here so I think the time is right… In just a few short days, Metropolis Real Estate Solutions, LLC is going to […]


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A Little Jewel Box of MCM

I went with Adam today to meet a home seller and help her stage her home.  It is a very cute house, feels much larger than it is, and has been well updated.  It’s location is fantastic as well, just a couple of blocks from The Milk District to the NW and a couple of […]


Kitchen Remodel Gone Right

My friend Annette and her husband Mike live in a really cool split level ranch on Lake Jennie Jewel in Orlando. Mike had the house set up as a bachelor pad before he met Annette and used it as home base for all his water ski buddies


Our First Attempt at a Vlog.

This should be interesting…   We decided to try our hand at some video blogging and this is the result.  It’s definitely something we are interested in doing more frequently, but not until I get better at the editing.  In this Vlog, I get with our Sales Associate, Mike Johnson (aka my dad) and talk […]

  • Megan Johnson Judd
  • September 18th, 2014 Comments Off on Our First Attempt at a Vlog.
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Mid-Century Modern Design Elements We Flip For

  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…   1.  The artful use of mosaic tile in kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, etc. is still a fun and creative way to bring color and a geographic element to a space. 2.  Terrazzo floors were once an economical way to combine form with function as […]

  • Megan Johnson Judd
  • August 5th, 2014 Comments Off on Mid-Century Modern Design Elements We Flip For
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Mid-Century Modern in the N.E.

A recent trip to Boston afforded me the opportunity to check out what MCM means in another area of the country. Let me first say, I was astounded by how beautiful and hilly the suburbs of Boston are.  In this particular area, Malden, there is tons of green space, water and breathtaking city views from […]


1878 Jessica Ct.

  This lovely artists’ home is not to be missed with it’s volume ceilings, abundant light, flexible floorplan and ideal location.  Check out the video and please give us a call if you have any questions.  This home is so great, I want it for myself.


Design Faves 2014

When I’m not nose deep in appraisal work, I’m probably searching out design blogs or just overdosing on eye candy on Pinterest.  I’m outlining here some of my favorite new trends.  If you are looking for ways to express yourself in your new home, you may want to go and do some pinning for yourself. […]


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