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BUYERS have direct access to team of sales agents who have proven records of superior service and extensive local market knowledge.

A Metropolis agent can provide access to comprehensive and expert  knowledge of the local property market, allowing them to fully understand the options and opportunities currently offered.  With half of our agents having an appraisal license and all agents having access to appraisal data, Buyers are well supported with data and insights into the most current market trends.

Buyers are also catered to by a team of professionals whose only motivation is to ensure your satisfaction.  Our Broker/Owner is on site and involved in each transaction.  This guarantees that every transaction is backed directly by the person within our company who has the authority to make the decisions necessary to keep all deals on track.

Sometimes finding that house isn’t as easy as one might think. With the threat of bidding wars, hidden structural issues and the long road to obtaining financing, it never hurts to have an experienced professional in your corner to help you navigate a potentially tumultuous process. We even have agents who specialize in rebuilding credit so that you may be able to buy sooner, rather than later.

We guarantee:

  • Full Access to Our Internet Research Tools
  • Local Market Expertise with Appraisal Veterans on Staff
  • E-Mail Notifications of New Listings and Daily Updates
  • Access to our Full Team of Professionals and a Concierge Level of Service
  • An Established Network of Architects, Contractors and Artists
  • Full Access to Our Library of Professionally Written Industry Related Articles
  • A strong commitment to giving back to our local community



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