Bringing Modern Back to Mid-Century Pt-3



So much has happened since the last blog entry. Most of it is good, some of it… not so much.

First, we interviewed two contractors to help us get the renovations underway. I was very impressed with the first guy; he had remodeled a friends house and done a wonderful job. He seemed eager and optimistic about what we wanted to do. Adam wanted to be diligent and interview another guy as well. I can hardly fault him for that. This guy didn’t seem to want to do anything beyond putting lipstick on our pig but he did bring up some good points about how some of the structural stuff we we’re hoping to do would be very difficult, if not impossible. He actually nixed pretty much every idea that we had. I think he was very experienced, and probably very good at building new construction, but I didn’t get the idea that he liked to do remodeling very much.

We decided to go back to the first guy but after several texts and messages, he finally admitted he was too busy to do the project at all.

So, where did that leave us?

Relying on family to do the work ourselves! Now, by “ourselves” I don’t mean I’m doing anything other than pointing and directing. Adam has gotten his hands a little dirty, but pretty much 99% of all of the backbreaking labor and incredible progress has been at the hands of Adam’s uncle, cousin, and brother. I am absolutely floored by their skill and focus.

Our original plan was to expand the kitchen to either the right or the left. We were either going to expand it into the adjacent bedroom or into the neighboring family room. Unfortunately, neither of those walls could be breached without causing an expensive and serious structural breach. Adam came up with the great idea of removing the walls between the kitchen and the living room and bringing the kitchen out further into that space. I think it will work nicely.

We are continuing on with the plan of building a giant master closet in order to compensate for the loss of the original, smaller master bedroom closet which is now a very roomy shower and linen closet. In order to accomplish this we had to take both the master bedroom closet and the secondary bedroom closets away. This has resulted in a much larger master bathroom and the creation of an additional storage area accessible from the hallway that will be a perfect linen closet. This also left us having to construct a new closet in the secondary bedroom. Of course this closet is significantly larger than the original closet.

I’m sure that you have noticed-homes were not built to accommodate clothes horses back in the 1950s. The families of today require much more storage. This house will have storage in spades!

With the new plans in place, I think that Adam and I were both very nervous about how it would look. Luckily, his family worked so quickly that our concerns were laid to rest within a matter of days. Adam’s brother began tearing out the old landscaping and clearing the backyard on Friday. Adam’s uncle and cousin showed up to begin demo on the inside of the house on Monday.

It took a day and a half to complete the demolition and clean up and another day and a half to completely frame out all of the new closet space and walls. I’ve never seen people work faster! The kitchen was out, the bathroom cabinets removed, walls cut or removed to open up the kitchen, remove closets and make openings for the new master bathroom and closet.

Next, they framed out the new shower and linen closet, the HUGE new master closet and the very big new closet in the secondary bedroom. Drywall went up today.

The exterior has been caulked and the carport ceiling and soffits have been sprayed a fresh and bright white.  One wonderful surprise was the nice tongue and groove carport ceiling we found beneath the warped sheet rock.

I’ve attached progressive photos to show you how far we’ve gotten.

The floors have been ordered and we need to order the kitchen. The bathroom vanities will be modified pieces of mid century furniture and we need to get the new shower plumbed.

We are doing everything we can to make sure that this remodel is NOTHING like all the investor flips that are flooding our Central Florida market right now. It is our hope that with custom furniture and thoughtfully chosen finishes, this home will stand out as something artfully designed for the unique family who winds up claiming for as their own.

I didn’t get a chance to take pics of the drywall that was up today, but this is where we are as of yesterday…


The wall between the kitchen and the living room comes down.


All of the front overgrown landscaping comes out so the porch can be seen clearly.


Surprise! The tongue and groove carport ceiling is way better than the old and saggy sheet rock.


We had initially left a small wall that borders the kitchen because there is an electrical box at the top, but we have decided to move the box and bring that wall out to open the kitchen even more.


It’s an almost clean slate.


There was a weird second layer of tile above the wainscot that we had removed.


All ceramic tile has been taken up.


The hall bath vanity has been removed.


A hole has been cut in the wall between the master bedroom and the living room to add a doorway to the new master closet.


A new and larger closet has been framed out in Bedroom #2.


The two closets between the master bedroom and bedroom #2 have been removed.


The wall between the old master half bath and the closet has been removed to make room for the new master shower.


Adam’s uncle Bill is a genius. He took out the old bulkhead over the mirror and placed the new frame on angle to add height and interest.


Fresh paint is going up. It’s looking better already.


The new master closet is all framed out.



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