Bringing Modern Back to Mid-Century, Pt-2



We closed today!!!! This little, well…cutie, is ours.  The really good news is, this house has all the necessary requirements to be a great MCM icon.  The not so good news is that it needs more work than I’d anticipated.

The tenants left quite a mess, but the seller made sure it was all cleared by this afternoon.  This included the GIANT trampoline out back by the pool.  I’m guessing that the tenants who lived there would enjoy some rather raucous parties that involved springing into the pool in graceful form.  Gone is that liability, thank goodness.

The home is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath but there are some functional oddities we would like to correct.  The access to the back yard can be gained either through the den, which is an addition off of the kitchen, or through one of the bedrooms via large sliding glass doors.  The kitchen is very small and it makes the most sense to me, that we expand the kitchen into the adjacent den that also has the access leading to the yard and pool.  It would also open the sightline up from the front door to the back which would create a sense of space.

We also need to try to add a shower to the master half bath.  This will make the house a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a larger and more functional floor plan to accommodate both singletons and families with children.

There are many aspects of the house that I love.  So much so, that I’m having conversations with myself about moving in.  For instance, I love the vaulted ceilings and the really expansive living room.  One whole wall is comprised of the original French doors, 5 panes of glass each with wood frames.  Beyond these doors is a little atrium area that overlooks an overgrown front lawn, soon to be a verdant and architecturally sound greenscape.  I also love the original floor to ceiling windows, the two tone tile in the hall bath and the decorative brick around the front door.  The back yard is expansive with a large shed, and the carport was a way for 1950’s homeowners to show off their new cars.  While we have all grown accustomed to filling our garages with junk and parking in front of the garage door (oh, that’s just me?), a carport was intended to frame the latest advancements in the world of automotive design.  We were able to save a photo that was framed within the house that appears to have been take many years ago with a very old Chevy sitting in the driveway.

I can’t wait to park our very own classic, a ’66 convertible Mustang, in the carport and host an open house at the reveal of our restoration project.  I hope you all come and take a tour!


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