Audubon Park Garden District is NOT for Sale…

…but you sure can buy some cute and move in ready homes in one of Orlando’s hottest neighborhoods. We have long touted the benefits of this location, partially because one of the owners of Metropolis grew up in this centrally located subdivision (and shoves it down our throats), but also because it boasts one of the most skillfully orchestrated regentrification cycles known to the Orlando area. The board of directors of the Audubon Park Garden District are uncompromising on their position to revitalize this older Orlando neighborhood in a way that is ethical, forward thinking and promotes a sense of safety and community.

At this very moment, there are 5 actively listed homes for sale in Audubon Park proper, but within the Audubon Park Garden District area overall, there are over 30! Prices range from $190,000 to over $1 mil, but the median asking price in this area is only $380,000 for a mid-sized home in average condition. 

Why is this area so hot? First, if we go back to the roots of how these homes were developed, we can see that these homes are generally well built and have great mid century architectural features like terrazzo floors, soaring roof lines and loads of windows. But over the past 10 years, this area has been reborn into a multi-cultural and vibrant neighborhood that has a broad range of shopping, dining, and activity options that other, new and master planned areas, just can’t seem to achieve without losing a sense of authenticity. It’s the people who make the APGD so damn amazing, and the hardworking and creative steward of this tiny hamlet, Ms. Jennifer Marvel, is largely to thank for that.

As the Director of the Audubon Park Garden District, Ms. Marvel has achieved this by bringing valuable and regular functions and community programming to the area in the form of both annual events, such as Bastille Bash, Retro Modern Home Tour/APGD Garden Tour, and Zombietoberfest as well as monthly markets, educational offerings and the ever popular “Sip and Strolls”. Between the social improvements and the infrastructure support that has been arranged at the behest of it’s passionate and active Board of Directors, the Audubon Park Garden District won the 2016 Great American Main Street Award. Competition was stiff with 2,000 competing Main Street Districts having been considered, nationwide. The neighborhood has also become a dining and shopping destination for Orlandoans who come from all over to experience the diverse and expertly executed food offerings and unique shopping that is still not only affordable, but socially conscientious. 

Because you are smart and like us, are probably a real estate voyeur, here are the listings that are most centrally located to the hub of the APGD. Of course we also have the scoop on a new and completely updated and upgraded option you can expect to see in the coming month. Please stay tuned for that because it will NOT disappoint. As always, let us know if you would like to see any of these homes for yourself as we will arrange that for you at your earliest convenience.




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