Ashley Saunders, Sales Agent

An Orlando native and UCF alumni, Ashley has past experience in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure as a paralegal who assisted in the negotiations of short sales, loan mods, deeds in lieu, mediations, etc. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a focus on ethics, and a strong passion for being ethical, Ashley is motivated by the notion that by doing things correctly and by contributing to community, there is an innate reward in being a part of something bigger than herself. This commitment was best demonstrated  during the 4 years spent volunteering as a tutor for at-risk youth. In addition to her full time employment, Ashley is currently advancing her education and experience in marketing, sales and negotiation through her continued volunteer work with the non-profit, Cannonball Kids’ Cancer. 

 When it comes to real estate, Ashley has proven her ability to find the balance required and she is a natural advocate.

     “I believe you get more with honey than with vinegar. While I can be a pit bull when necessary, I always start with a friendly approach. I find that works to the benefit of my clients. The deal is less important to me than the people. I will never be put my agenda in front of that of the client. Buying and selling one’s home is one of the biggest decisions of a lifetime and I understand and respect that.”

Being newly married and having purchased her own home through Metropolis Real Estate Solutions several years ago, Ashley is an energetic, driven and committed part of the Metropolis team.

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