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It takes experience, education and strong character to remain unbiased and produce the best quality appraisal work in Central Florida.  The Appraisal Team at Metropolis performs appraisals for use in bankruptcy cases, both for the debtor and the creditor.  We also appraise properties for value determination in cases of divorce, probate, tax liability, and for lending purposes.  Metropolis Real Estate Solutions, LLC performed over 7500 appraisals in the past decade, many for Fannie Mae directly, and we are often commissioned to review other appraisers’ reports to weigh in on quality and accuracy.


Throw a rock in Central Florida and you’ll likely hit a Real Estate Professional. Recent economic conditions have threatened the quality of service providers as competition has become fierce.  It has become more and more obvious that not all appraisers are created equal.

At Metropolis Real Estate Solutions, we have a panel of appraisers who have been hand picked based on their ability to apply critical thinking concepts.  They are continuously supported and educated so that their skill and talents are applied to outperform their competitors.   These finely tuned professionals offer you the skill required to marry what is both the art and the science of real estate valuation.

What does this mean for you?

-That your legal case will be strengthened by fact, statistics and logic.

-That your investment will be protected by the assurance of well supported data, both historical and projected.

– That your family’s home is maximizing its fullest potential and that you’re neither overinvesting nor missing out on opportunity.

There are many reasons to require a professional valuation of a residential property.

Whether you require an appraisal for marketing, securing a purchase, the removal of PMI or for litigation including a bankruptcy, estate planning or divorce, it is important to rely on experience.  Our staff performs between 600-1200 appraisals per year and many of these are used to support a legal matter.

If you find your investment at the mercy of a questionable appraisal prepared by someone else;

Metropolis Real Estate Solutions has educated, experienced and meticulously detail oriented appraisers available to perform a review of an appraisal that has been previously prepared by another appraiser.  A review appraisal can assist in either supporting or contesting the conclusions of another. When the checks and balances system has failed, a review appraisal can level the playing field.

Whatever your need for an appraisal, we understand that we have been commissioned to provide a service.  You will always walk away with a clear understanding of how your home fits within its market.

We provide appraisal, valuation services and consulting in all of Orange, Seminole, Osceola and Lake Counties to include:

Litigation and Appraisal Services for-

  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • Trust & Estate

Mortgage Appraisal Services to include-

  • Loan Origination for Purchase or Refi
  • Home Equity Assessment for PMI Removal
  • Appraisal Review

Consumer Appraisal Services to incude-

  • Construction/Addition Feasibility Appraisal
  • Listing/Marketing Appraisal
  • Reconsideration of Value Review Appraisal


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