A Little Jewel Box of MCM

I went with Adam today to meet a home seller and help her stage her home.  It is a very cute house, feels much larger than it is, and has been well updated.  It’s location is fantastic as well, just a couple of blocks from The Milk District to the NW and a couple of blocks to Lake Underhill to the NE.
What I found interesting was what came AFTER we said our ‘goodbye’s and got in the car to leave.  Adam says “I’m going to drive you around the block.  You’re gonna freak.”  And freak I did.  This couple of small blocks, called Renlee Terrace, is filled with little MCM gems.
metropolis real estate solutions mid century modern orlandoIMG_1549 image2 image1image4
Note that all of these homes share the same basic roof line but many of the windows are different.  I personally love the high, lateral windows and really love the louvered carport enclosure on the last photo.  The French country front doors on two of the homes seem to be a mis-step, so they make me question if the interior has a mid-century appeal or not.  I’m confident that the first house is something I’d be interested in touring.
There are several Orlando neighborhoods that are known for having been developed during this time period (think Audubon Park, Bel Air and Palomar in College Park) but this little alcove has really surprised me.
Stay tuned for details on our new listing in this area.  I anticipate it will be photo heavy.

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