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Metropolis Real Estate Solutions is proud to be a member of The Milk District, the Colonialtown South HOA and we have just been awarded the 2017 Audubon Park Garden District BUSINESS OF THE YEAR!


We started out as an appraisal company 20 years ago, and over time have evolved into a full service residential real estate sales and valuation firm.

We grew up in Orlando just as Orlando was growing up.  The real estate boon in the 1950’s resulted in several neighborhoods with a high concentration of mid-century modern design.  This era of vaulted ceilings, walls of windows and terrazzo floors has enamored us for decades and these special homes have become our passion.

We are a boutique agency with the tools, experience, and leadership to help our customers achieve their lifestyle goals.  We have the same (or better) technology than the big national chain agencies and we have control of our own brokerage.  We also have the time to work one on one with each client in order to care for their greatest assets and, because we have lived and worked in Orlando for over FOUR generations, we’re invested in the success of Orlando Real Estate, just like you.

Whether you want to sell your Orlando home, buy your first home, build your dream home, or need expert valuation for a legal matter or financial planning, the team at Metropolis Real Estate Solutions, LLC is prepared to walk with you, step by step, down the path that leads to realizing your lifestyle dream.  Take that first step and call your Central Florida Real Estate Professional today!

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Understanding the Intended Use and Intended User of an Appraisal Report

While the intention of an appraisal report is to clearly and concisely outline the support for an estimate of fair market value, very few appraisal reports are actually easy to read and understand.  This is usually because an appraisal report is written to meet the very specific needs of a particular Intended User for a […]

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Sep 22, 2016 by
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4 Tips to Decorating Your Mid Century Modern Space on a Budget

We have had some really big events and opportunities over at Metropolis Real Estate Solutions lately. We are beyond excited to have opened our brick and mortar office at 610 Bumby Ave., Orlando, FL 32803. The location is absolutely ideal for us! It is located on the borders of some of our favorite mid century neighborhoods: Audubon Park, Colonial Town, the […]

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Sep 19, 2016 by
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What Is the Appraiser Looking For When Performing the Inspection?

There is a lot of anxiety generated when you know that the appraiser is coming. Often times, we are scheduled in the early part of the week when the homeowners have had the weekend to “spruce” things up. Sometimes we are even asked, “what can I do to improve the value?” Ultimately, the market dictates […]

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Jul 11, 2016 by
Topics: Mid Century Restoration, Orlando Real Estate Consumer News, Valuation Corner


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“Adam Judd exceeded our expectations in helping us get a contract signed on our dream home.  I was impressed by how quickly he was able to meet with us and write a contract the same day on a house that would surely not be on the market long.  Excellent service, and by far the friendliest real estate agent I have worked with!”-Dr. Megan Crider

Dr. Megan Crider

“I used Megan in my Ch. 13 strip against an HOA.  She was excellent even after 3 hours on the stand.”

Robert H. Pflueger, Esq.

Adam Judd

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Megan Judd

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